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Barnsley, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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100 kg 
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I enjoy walking, picnics, the beach, theatre ,, and travel

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Are you more than another pretty face?
Im an intelligent person,humorous.I have blue/grey eyes and an engageing smile ,I like music,sports,science and nature.... hey! what am I doing.Im guessing the same as lots of guys here, just putting up a list of things in the hope that you will find something you like or that we have in common.I dont like to go on about myself much ,thats really not what I do. But I have been around a while and rubbed shoulders with all sorts of people,generals, ,doctors , plummers and bricklayers.Im comfortable in a suit and tie or flip flops and swimming trunks.
Im here looking for a a really good friend, by that I mean someone just to be with, no expectations , no pressure just two people enjoying each others company and see where it can lead.If something happens then thats great and it was meant to be.I enjoy quick wit and a bit of back and forth banter.
Im mostly happy with life but recently Ive felt that Id like to meet a funny and charming lady to share lifes ups and downs with.I dont like overly ambitious people or people preoccupied with making money.I believe lifes for living and enjoying.
Well if you have read this far there is some interest, please send me an email.I dont bite, well a

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sense of humour, fit,intelligent

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