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Galaţi, Galaţi, Romania
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chess, cooking,traveling...I love life!

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I sorely miss having a loving partner with whom to enjoy life!
I'm very passionate in whatever I do, quite intelligent, with a non-conventional approach to life. I manage to be both rational yet sentimental, and am young in spirit and body. I enjoy books, cinema, theater, travel, restaurants, personal sports & fitness, learning and experiencing new things.
I am selective in who I contact, so if you are reading this in response to an email I've sent you, it means I've read your profile and concluded we have real potential. After reading my profile I hope you feel the same! Wouldn’t it be nice if these were the last profiles we needed to read?

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I subscribe to the notion that while looks are the kindling that starts things rolling, personality and character are ultimately what decides whether a relationship is sustainable.

Slender/athletic looks indicate to me the person cares about their body and has a healthy approach to life. Similarly, I have a preference for an all-natural body :-)

Kindness, tolerance, and intelligence are prerequisites of their personality and character.

Age is just a number, although I am looking for someone young in body & spirit, and believe my soon-to-be partner will be in their mid/late 30s, although possibly in their late 20s if they have developed depth of character and personality early on (what one might call an "old soul"). Children are welcome!

All the rest I leave to fate :-)

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