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Bucuresti, Bucuresti, Romania
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I pride myself on being a terrific wing man(e. g., I can open an conversation on any topic and have the substance to keep the dialogue flowing), but i rather be someone's main man than his date bait. But enough about me!

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Yes, I'm happy. Yes I'm romantic at heart. I'm driven and I know what I want. I love seeing the joy that a simple thoughtful act can bring to others. I live in Bucharest, Romania in the neighborhood of Drumul Taberei, witch i define as someone who is poised and polite, and who expects the same from the partner. I adore hanging out with my friends and value my family very much. I surround myself with good people and good food. I enjoy interacting with the world. I look for the good in all people. I am playful and prone to laughter. Inspiring people trough humor, romance, or anything that can ignite the passion within makes me happy.

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I would love to find someone who also likes to travel and explore what the world has to offer. Someone with ambition, who knows that living a healthy lifestyle helps you get more out of life! Could it be you?

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I want someone who appreciates that and who also wants to get the most of her life. What kind if woman do I want to spend my time talking to ? One who knows what she wants and who has the confidence to go in a moderate way. Someone who keeps a good balance between her own time and her time with me. Perpetual positivity is my mantra. if y believe it, good things will come to you. Why waste time complaining?

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