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I have many interests from sports, to socialising and reading. I truly enjoy reading about european history, international politics and international relations and I like to be aware of what is going on in the world. Also, like many people, I enjoy watching tv and browsing the internet and listening to rock or alternative music and going to the movies.

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I am an easy-going sociable guy who works as an Analyst for the Canadian government. I live close to Montreal and like most people here I speak english and french. While I have had 1 long-term relationship and a few shorter ones, I have never been married nor do I have any kids. Eventually, I would like to get married. Throughout my years in Montreal, I have met people from various backgrounds and I have always found it is interesting to find-out about different cultures. More specifically, I always enjoyed meeting eastern europeans and learning about the way of life in their homelands.

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I am looking for a kind, friendly and pretty girl. A person with good values who is kind to people. I am attracted to feminine girls with good fashion sense who take care of themselves.

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