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Movies, cars, friends, going out, pets

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What can i say about myself, its not easy to describe yourself but i will try.
i am 28 years old, live in the netherlands and have my own business, strong minded, Positive, (always seeing the positive things) abit stubern (but that can be good right?) realistic,strong personality if i want something i go for it. calm (abit shy), very trustworthy (always giving my 1000%),social, i love to go to the movies, love to do fitnes (2/3 times a week).
having a drink with friends, traveling, seeing parts of the world that are unknown to me. many people say about me that i am very easy to talk to immediately poeple feel comfortable with me. but always being alone makes it sometimes a bit sad dont you think? i hope to find a girl / lady who is realist not a faker, someone that know that life cannot always be easy, looks are not that important its about the inside, that's important. i am very serious about finding my soulmate, im definatly not a faker.
There is no point in living if you cant feel alive right? (in other words, life is how you make it yourself)

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Someone who understands life, not jelous,for me looks are not so important its about what is inside a person right?, and no person is perfect its about what you make of it.

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